Tuesday, 16 January 2018

Science of the Heart ~ Heart Coherence

The heart isn’t just a pump, but something vastly more wondrous and enigmatic  . . . .  like a standing wave. 
The heart is a gateway or an energy vortex through which powerful and conscious energy currents flow from luminous light or awareness. 

Friday, 5 January 2018

The Code to the Matrix Part 1: Sevan Bomar RESEARCH

     Are we really in a Matrix”?

    ☛      Can we be pulled out of the Matrix?

☛    Is there an actual Code to the Matrix?

Francis Lucille RESEARCH : Finding Your own answers

Francis is a spiritual teacher in the tradition of Advaita Vedanta (non-duality).

Advaita is a Sanskrit word that literally means “not two”. 

Synonyms of Advaita are non-duality (nonduality, non duality). Advaita is not a philosophy or a religion. Non-duality is an experience in which there is no separation between subject and object; a “me” and the rest of the universe; a “me” and God. It is the experience of consciousness, our true nature, which reveals itself as absolute happiness, love and beauty. 

Consciousness is defined as that, 
whatever that is, which is aware of these very words right here, 
right now.

Francis Lucille speaks about one thing: awareness, our true nature, the Absolute. 

Francis leads us to a deep understanding that what we are is love, the pure awareness behind and between all the activities of the mind.

The Science of Changing Your Mind - Dr Joe Dispenza RESEARCH


     You are not doomed by your genes and hardwired to be a certain way for the rest of your life. A new science is emerging that empowers all human beings to create the reality they choose.

Dr. Joe Dispenza is a scientist, teacher, lecturer, and author. He was one of the scientists featured in the award-winning film What the BLEEP Do We Know!

In short, when you change your mind, you change your life.”

~ Dr. Joe Dispenza ~

Dan Winter Research: Fractality: Science to the Soul

Dan Winter who's behind the website  talks about sacred geometry, Fractality, gravity, physics and the science of Alchemy.

Dan Winter:

Allies of Humanity: Research ~ Review & Summary

THE ALLIES OF HUMANITY by Marshall Vian Summers  is being Presented to-prepare people for a whole  new reality  therein are largely hidden and unrecognized in the world today.

A new perspective that empowers people to face the greatest challenge and opportunity that we as a race ever Encountered.

The Allies' material contain a number of critical if not alarming statements about the  growing intervention and integration of extraterrestrials into the human race  and about the aliens' activities and hidden agenda.

Instead of Providing "hard" evidence about the reality of alien Visitation to our world, that is Already well Documented in many other fine books and research journals on the subject, the Allies material, as it is presented, addresses the dramatic and far-reaching implications of this phenomenon.

The source refers to themselves as the "Allies of Humanity."

The Allies' stated purpose is to alert us to the risks of emerging into a Greater Community of intelligent life and to assist us in successfully crossing this great threshold in a way that industry leaders human freedom and self-determination can be preserved.
                                                                                                                                           ~ /  ~

Solar & Lunar Forces & Bleed Through Realities

Multiple Realities encompass,
  • Parallel Realities
  • Alternate Realities
  • Multidimensional Realities

Some Multiple Realities resonate to the same frequency of expression and other realities resonate to different frequencies of expression. Hence, multiple realities that all resonate to the third/fourth dimensional frequency band are known as Parallel Realities or Alternate Realities.

On the other hand, realities that represent different frequency expressions of the same experience are known as Multidimensional Realities.

When trying to define the term Multiple Universes : Multiverse:
The multiverse or meta-universe  is the hypothetical set of multiple possible universes (including our universe) that together comprise all of reality.
The different universes within the multiverse are sometimes called parallel universes.
The structure of the multiverse, the nature of each universe within it and the relationship between the various constituent universes, depend on the specific multiverse hypothesis considered.

Parallel universes really do exist, according to a mathematical discovery by Oxford scientists that sweeps away one of the key objections to the mind boggling and controversial idea.


Sacred Geometry Re-Visited

You Amuse me, said Plato, 
you who think 
I am imposing impractical studies upon you - 
like Geometry. 

Yet, it is through these studies 
that  the Eye of the Soul is Awakened, 
and this eye is worth more than 10,000 regular eyes.

Jordan Maxwell RESEARCH

Jordan Maxwell continues as a preeminent researcher and independent scholar in the field of occult / religious philosophy.  His work on the subject of secret societies, both ancient and modern, and their symbols, has fascinated audiences around the world for decades.

Jordan’s areas of interest include:
  • Astro-Theology
  • Secret Societies
  • World Mysteries: Ancient and Modern
  • Ancient Symbols and Occult Emblems
  • Ancient Sciences and Technology
  • Hidden Bible Teachings and Mysteries
  • Secret Societies and Their Influence on World Event

The "Mandela Effect" RESEARCH

What is the Mandela Effect?

The Mandela Effect is a term for where a group of people all mis-remember the same detail, event or physicality. It is named after the instance in which a large group of people all shared the same memory that Nelson Mandela died prior to his actual 2013 death, usually some time in the 1980's.

The effect is somewhat different from a false memory as it effects large groups of people, seemingly without many connections and without the same emotional factors present.

What causes the Mandela Effect?

I haven’t a clue. So far, most people seem to think it’s either a “slide” to an alternate reality, or we’re in a Hologram Program that’s experiencing a few glitches.
Right now, it’s all speculation.