Tuesday, 14 November 2017

Creativity. Live Your Live with Passion

Opening up & Living Out Your Creativity is All about deepening Your Relationships with Creative Spirit.

Perhaps the greatest myth about creativity is the idea that it’s a rare gift only gifted to a privileged few.

   We feel moved to our core by a piece of music or read about an incredible scientific discovery and mistakenly conclude that some people are born with creative talent while others are not. In Truth, each of us are Infinite Creative Potential. In every moment we are using our intentions, thoughts, and attention to create the world we experience.

  “ In our moments of common thought, we may think of the Muse as someone other than ourselves.

   In moments of grace, we may experience our Muse as our own Being, coming to life as we surrender our fears and begin to create. All parts seeks the Whole & as we, seek the Divine, Divinity may find its rapture in merging with us.

   Creativity is a manifestation of wholeness, springing from the weaving of spirit and matter.

   As our bodies are manifestations of divine thought, our creations are manifestations of this divine union.

   Before art is created, the mortal must be touched by the spark of the Spirit. “
~   Jan Phillips    
  Marry Your Muse   ~

Creativity. Live Your Live with Passion

Tuesday, 7 November 2017

Soul ReJuvenation: Self Renewal

Given our magnificent Spiritual Nature, why do so many of us experience so much trauma & hurt?

A major reason is because of social conditioning.

Whenever we are out of Alignment with the Universal Flow ,
we experience negative Emotions . . but most of us are to busy to pay attention.

Social Conditioning has “ trained” us to define ourselves through objects, people ( friends etc), possessions, & Accomplishments. These external “ things” that we hold on to define ourselves, are very fleeting by nature.

Real Spiritual Integrity & Imppeccability comes from the knowing of your deepest self – the Essence of your Soul.

This is the state of Self-Referral 
In self-referral, you have an internal sense of WellBeing regardless of what is happening around you because you aren’t identified with transient objects or events.

     One of the best ways to directly experience your true self is meditation. When you meditate, you move beyond the emotions, thoughts, and memories that usually preoccupy the mind – into the Pure Awareness that is your Essential Nature.

     Today remember that although you are temporarily disguised as a human being, your essential nature is infinite spirit – unbounded, immortal, and invincible.

🔸     What does this Knowledge mean to You ?

Self / Soul ReJuvenation

Emotional Clearing: Soulful Emotional Alignment

Emotional Clearing is a method of facilitating emotional release and growth.

      “Emotional Release” means to release painful feelings that have become  “ trapped" within us, or suppressed, instead of having been cleared when they first occurred.

       The key understanding here is that while feelings may have originated in the past, they become projected onto present circumstances; as we clear feelings now, we are clearing all residue.

Tips for Your Journey

#1 Unhook from the Outer World
     - There may be a million places where your energy might be right now, but only one place where you really need it . . connected to the Inner Source that Guides You.
     - This is what I know: You are designed to reinvent & recreate yourself, over & over again. You are here - for the evolution of your own Soul.

# 2: Be Willing to Shift
     - A shift, available to any of us at any time, requires nothing more than for us to slip out of our own separate human drama & reconnect with the Source that resides within.
     - And our willingness to ask is what opens the door for us.
     - When you embrace the Dream your Soul holds for you, and allow your Heart to Guide your actions, you will be able to receive the Gifts the Universe has stored for you.
     - That will be the day you are surprised by the Magic of Your Consciousness.

# 3 : Your Spirit 1st
     - This is one of life’s great paradoxes: your Personality is just ONE aspect of Who-You-Are. It’s not You!
     - Your Personality plays a vital role in the expression of your individual self . . but even your Personality self’s deepest desire is to be one with Source.
     - So how do we ensure this Oneness with Source? . . We move our Soul’s evolution to the forefront and make it priority in our life and the Goal of Journey

# 4: Expand Your Consciousness
      - We are here to open ourselves up to more expanded dimensions of reality.

Emotional Clearing Soulful Emotional Alignment

Developing Your Intuition: Recognize Your Own Spirit First

Recognize that it’s YOUR Soul that gives you LIFE.

And although we all share the same eternal breath of life, it manifests differently in each of us. Your Spirit has it’s own presence - a unique vibration.

     The best way to connect with your own Soul is to start recognizing what makes you come alive.

  Begin by exploring what your unique Spirit is really like . . .

  What lifts and inspires you?
Next, begin noticing what FEEDS YOUR SPIRIT?

     Which . . . . .
     - experiences
     - activities
     - and energies gives you strength?

  What nourishes you at your core?

☛  Which experiences / activities leaves you comfortable in your own skin?

Developing Your Intuition